Friday, 22 February 2008

Converted to porridge

I've been telling people about my experimentation with porridge, and I'm amazed how many opinions I've received in return. Aims commented on my previous porridge post about adding fruit, Jo at badminton suggested a sprinkle of nutmeg, Dipti told me to add dried blueberries and/or cranberries, and sternly bade me to use soya milk for a more creamy texture, and make it So Good rather than Alpro because it tastes nicer. [When I was doing my fishy presentation, hers was about the benefits of soya, and she's been thoroughly converted.]

So far I've tried adding sultanas, and it's wonderful, and no need for sugar at all. When I started this porridge thing it was for worthy and weight loss reasons, the same reason I bought a packet of Weetabix that is still lingering half-eaten in the cupboard because it is the work of the devil. I had no idea that porridge would turn out to be so absolutely delicious!

I thought I would illustrate this post with a delightful image of my morning porridge. It turns out to be extremely difficult to photograph porridge in an attractive and appetising way, given that it is the colour of oats and looks like lumpy milk. So you'll have to use your imagination.

Right, I'm off on my travels again in an hour or two, it's our annual weekend away to celebrate Lola II's birthday. This year: Winchester. You may or may not get a report of our antics on my return.


babooshka said...

Never thought porridge would take me to a fellow blogger, but glad it did.

Keeping a close eye on your blog, as it's differnet to the norm.

Blueberries and honey for my porridge.


aims said...

We use to serve porridge every morning to the whitewater rafters who stayed's rafting business....My brother is a master chef when it comes to making porridge.

The nice thing about it - is that it sticks with you for a long time.

Give the bananas and apple a try - you'll love it!

Oh! He also throws in sunflower seeds...

Amy said...

My daughter spent several months of her life eating oatmeal for every meal. She won't touch it now.

My favorite is Malt-O-Meal. Yum. I like it with butter and salt.

My dad used to make me some kind of hot cereal every day for breakfast. I loved it. My friends thought I was crazy. I thought my dad was crazy for pouring milk (or, gack, cream) on his. It made it all lumpy and chunky, lukewarm and vomitous. Gross.

Anonymous said...

I have recently discovered a product called 'muesli' when you have exhausted the possibilities iof porridge you might like to give it a go. The only place I know that has it is Tesco!

Lola said...

It seems that fruit is universally recommended with the porridge, so I'll have to try that. Helps towards the '5 a day' target that we're all trying to achieve, I suppose.

Malt-O-Meal, amy?? I'm sure I've never seen that in the shops, but muesli is everywhere. I'm hoping that mutleythedog has his doggy tongue in his cheek. Muesli is to porridge what sawdust is to a finely crafted ornament.

babooshka said...

My scots friend tells me i am a wuss for having anything other than a teaspoon of salt on my porridge.Only made with water no milk aswell.Not sure i would want to try this,put said i would passon.

Thanks Lola for the comments re anonymous comments. Just a shame that you can't answer the author.

Anonymous said...

ould try these for the taste experience of a life time!!

babooshka said...

Re catch 22,the book is better.
My pregnant friend is having, wait for this, porridge with cheese.Not just any cheese though only stilton.PASS THE SICK BUCKET!