Monday, 30 March 2009

The Amateur Gourmet tries Marmite

This is from another blog I regularly read: The Amateur Gourmet, from New York. He had a birthday party, and everyone brought different but interesting types of food as presents. In the video clip, he and his partner Craig taste Marmite for the very first time.

The moment when they both react to the taste is priceless.

I emailed to ask if it was OK to put this on my blog, and didn't get a reply, so if this disappears over the next few days, that will be why.


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Jay said...

Hahaha! I looooooove Marmite, but sadly I can't eat it anymore because I have a problem with yeast. :(

Their big mistake was to spread the butter too thin, and the Marmite too thick, obviously - and I'll be the toast wasn't actually hot, either!