Saturday, 28 March 2009

An eventful week

It has been an interesting time over the last week. Just as soon as I wrote that I was short of ideas for blog posts, several came along at once.

We had a visitor on Tuesday - Rich, who moved from Leamington to Munich via a very long world tour. He has endless friends who insist on getting married in different parts of the world - this time the wedding is in Dublin, and Leamington was a handy place to stop over on the way.

Staff outside RasoiIt was nice to see him, and an excuse to have lunch in the pub and dinner at an Indian restaurant I haven't been to before: Rasoi, at the bottom of the Parade. I really liked it, and Rasoi shall hereto be added to the long list of Things I Love About Leamington Spa. Not sure if it's better than the Paprika Club, but the taste test comparison will have to wait until we have more money to eat out.

We had dinner with some people who sang with Rich in a Warwick choir, and one of them turned out to be Nick who I already knew through badminton, and who is also one of our local Liberal Democrat Councillors. I was talking to him about the day recently when we were surveyed by both Greens and Lib Dems, and I accidentally referred to the local Lib Dem parliamentary candidate using the name of the Conservative one. They're both called Chris. It's an easy mistake to make.

After I dropped Rich off at Birmingham airport - where £1 was extorted from me simply to drop off a passenger - I carried on working. I've been spending too much time on coursework; it took the best part of three days to do one bit that's only 750 words and worth a tiny percentage of the module marks. If I don't get a move on, I won't get through it.

On Friday I drove up to Manchester with Mr A for the day. We started off by emptying the old office and moving the stuff down to the office where the staff are now based. Considering the room appeared empty except for a set of shelves before we started, we ended up completely filling the car, and it took ages. I was late for lunch with Hugh and Bernadette, who are well, but B wasn't as sparkly as she has been in the past. Maybe I had caused some inconvenience by getting there later than I'd hoped.

Lisa and PhoebeAfter that I met up with Lisa for a cup of coffee, to catch up on six months of news and to meet her lovely new daughter, who was very nearly named Lola, but not quite. I think Lisa found it amusing that I didn't want to hold Nearly-Lola - it's not just that babies don't particularly like me holding them and tend to cry, but also because she was dressed in a suit made of velvet. I really can't touch velvet, it's like fingernails down a blackboard.

Missing car windowThen this morning there was a knock on the front door, and Mr A opened it to find a nice young policeman who pointed out that our car window had been smashed. Mr A had left his phone inside, which was probably why the damage had been done. A bicycle was left leaning against our wall, which the policeman took away. The policeman was very good indeed, even though he can't have been more than 15 years old.

A neighbour had seen some dodgy characters running about where they shouldn't have been this morning, and it was him who phoned the police. He stopped by a bit later to talk to us. Despite having had our car damaged and a phone stolen, I really like this neighbourhood.

The phone was out of contract so Mr A is off to the shops to get another, and after a good deal of messing about with insurance policies it looks as though we will only have to pay £50 for the window to be fixed by an outfit that ought to be turning up any minute now.

I'm tired of having things to blog about now. I hope that the next month will have nothing in it but university coursework, sitting on the sofa watching DVDs, and going to the pub for a drink.


aims said...

Well crap on the window and phone. Don't you just hate that?! And now you are more money out of pocket. Crap.

Have been babysitting a little 4 month girl this past little while Lola. Changing diapers again after 40 years is a brand new experience let me tell you.

Never having children of my own it's a treat for me to look after this little darling. I've been called on 4 times now and I'm always so excited since she is such a sweetie. She'll cry like all children do for the first little while and then she settles down and is just fine. I love it! Who would have thought that?

Anonymous said...

aims, I don't think that was crap on Mr A's window. That was a brick.

Sorry to see you've had a troublesome week Lola. Hope you have some relaxing time off over Easter