Friday, 20 March 2009

Latest keywords

I'm not too concerned about my statistics. I've got two blog analysers: Statcounter and Google Analytics, but I don't look at them much. Every now and then I marvel at how many different countries show up in the stats, and I've set up Statcounter to send me a weekly report of page views and visitor numbers, which has stayed pretty static since I started blogging.

The bit that's most fun is seeing the keywords that have brought people to the site. It's not surprising that most visitors browse my blog for exactly no time at all.
  1. A few people have arrived using search terms 'lola life' or 'newlolablog' - there are no laughs to be had there. I wonder if the recent search for 'lola, oxford 2009' is from someone who knows me, and if not, what were they looking for?

  2. People in India, Pakistan, Luxembourg and Australia as well as in the UK have been looking into edible Hepatitis B vaccine and Molecular Pharming (31 searches). Again, not funny or blogworthy, but nice to think I might have helped. Another school topic has been the post about blood groups (4 searches).

  3. Another popular page is the one about the Patagonia Lola Life Jacket. Unsurprisingly, visitors who searched for 'patagonia life jacket' or even 'pategonia lola' didn't hang around long. I particularly like the visitor from Virginia, USA who searched for 'pantagonia lolita life jacket'. Visit length: 0 seconds.

  4. Lots of Leamington Spa action. 17 searches, for sushi, Clarke's greengrocer, the Thai Twig restaurant, the temperate house, the 'Images from the Past' book, the asian supermarket, the elephant seat in Jephson Gardens, and 'what's it like living in leamington spa'. Answer: it's fantastic. I love it.

  5. What is it about Dennis the Locksmith? People seem to want him on a regular basis. Actually, 2 people were looking for him, while one wanted 'Denis the locksmith', and another was after his glamorous cousin, 'Denise the locksmith'.

  6. Some more members of the Lola family:
    • lola hallal
    • lola 500 motorway
    • lola ab work out
    • lola certificate
    • lola bad leg.

  7. And the remainder: a random selection of faintly amusing queries.
    • you're the one that i want are they multiplying
    • rubbish presents from on holiday
    • cambridge moley claire
    • tiffin results for the 11 exam.
So welcome to each and every visitor, and if you're looking for a life jacket, well, I'm sorry about that.


aims said...

very cute Lola!

Jay said...

Hahaha! One day I will do a post on my search terms, because some are hilarious, and some are just plain incomprehensible!

"Denise the locksmith" ... LOL!