Sunday, 9 November 2008

Patagonia Lola Life Jacket

When I read this, I truly thought "At last, a jacket for Lola Life. And it's from Patagonia, which makes it a little more exotic, if not exclusive. I need just such a jacket to accompany this world-beating blog." (Or as one correspondent has phrased it, "worthy of any newspaper or BBC journalist." Thanks, Rog.)

I don't think I will be wearing my Lola Life jacket at any formal or informal gathering, unless, perhaps, I am invited to join a Russian oligarch on his seafaring yacht.

And, also from Patagonia, another attractive product: Women's Serenity Tights. "Bend forward into Uttanasana and follow the breath inward." You can't say fairer than that.


aims said...


Being in the whitewater rafting business - I had seen that lifejacket but I never made the connection! Too funny girl!

As for the tights - uh - yuck!

Nothing more - nothing less.

Lola II said...

"Bend forward into Uttanonsense", more like...

laurie said...

wow, a jacket named just for you. the most i've ever hoped for is Laurie Mittens. you're teaching me to dream big.

Jay said...

I think you should buy both. It would make a ... uhhh ... unique outfit for those formal occasions!