Wednesday, 26 November 2008

My new laptop

The future is here, the future is a shiny black and gunmetal grey laptop. With Windows Vista, which is making me cross after being so comfortable with XP, and with a laptop keyboard where the bottom left key is Fn rather than Ctrl so none of my keyboard commands works first time. But best of all, there's a camera built into the lid, with which I can take amusing photos using the supplied software.

Hilarious photo of me with a bag over my head and holes cut for eyes and mouth
I've installed Firefox and iTunes so the important stuff is up and running, but I don't have any work-related software yet (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) so I'm still having to use the old one. Plus we've discovered that it wasn't a broken network card, it really was the network cabling downstairs that wasn't working, so I'm going to be sharing Mr A's office until we can get that replaced. And we haven't worked out how to network a Vista PC into the existing XP workgroup so I can't use Mr A's printer. But I can get to my podcasts and blog, so that's OK then.

I really must get on with some homework now.


Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, that's a great look. :D

Dick Madeley said...

I don't think I agree with this photo manipulation software. However, good luck with the new laptop.

(PS. Somehow I always pictured you with a paper bag on your head. I don't know but you just seemed like a paper-bag-on-the-head type of person.)

Sally said...

Me of all people will know how annoying the fn, ctrl key thing will drive you mad, considering you are keyboard shortcut woman. Maybe that should be your superhero name, coupled with that super duper photo of you! x