Sunday, 2 November 2008

A chef in the making

Another family gathering yesterday. Highlights:
- fantastic food cooked by Nephew P
- the best Balderdash answer from Niece J
- the Hostess with the Mostest, Lola II.

The event followed Nephew P's birthday gathering a few weeks ago, when Lola II gave him a book, Cooking for Blokes. In the Introduction, it says "If someone has bought you this book then you are probably going to have to make one of our recipes." So we all thought it would be a good idea if we fixed up a date, chose some recipes, and we'd all benefit, not just Lola II. Plus mum's birthday is tomorrow, so we could celebrate that too. But after three London trips in not much more than a month, and a painful return journey in torrential rain all the way, I hope I don't have to travel to London again for some time.

Nephew P in the kitchenIt was a fish stew with chickpeas, salad, and a puff pastry apple pie, and I had seconds of everything. So the trip was worth it, despite the rain.

Today I have been rummaging underneath desks amid years of accumulated fluff. I have established beyond doubt that neither the wireless card nor the network card in my PC is working, and that my hard disk is set up in a way that doesn't let me see its contents when connected to another PC via USB. But, while extracting and replacing the hard disk, I must have nudged something else, because (for the time being) the on-board network adapter is working again. I am downloading 16 podcasts and two audio books, and then off to explore laptops this afternoon.


aims said...

The Man is the cook around here.

When I had my breakdown I lost my ability to cook - and think - for quite a long time and he took up the need.

He is a far better cook than me. In fact - he likes to do all the fancy stuff...and meals are never boring around here.

Brett said...

I cooked for my mum last week, i think thats a first in 41 years.