Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Deadlines this week

Group of plants from Oxford Botanic Gardens
Thank goodness for Lola II, I simply haven't got the time for blogging. I've been working hard on five more bits of coursework.

The first was a group presentation last week on childhood anaemia from a case study we were given. It went pretty well - we were the first group on, so it was a bit of a gamble as to how much detail to put in. It wasn't assessed this time, but we've all now been given a new case study about a burns patient, and that presentation is going to be assessed next term.

The second was a comparison between two research studies, both of which concerned a supplement of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) fed to pigs in one study, and humans in the other. The idea was to see if it reduced body fat, which it did in the pigs but didn't in the humans. We had to come up with as many differences between the studies as we could to explain the different results. That was due in on Monday.

The third was all about coffee and Parkinson's disease: I had to write a magazine article about the findings of a proper research paper, complete with pictures and magazine layout and everything. Then I had to analyse it for readability, and write about how I analysed it for readability. I handed that in this morning.

The fourth is a HUGE bit of coursework that has run alongside our cooking all term, where we describe and justify our choices of meal alterations for a diabetic, coeliac and undernourished person. We also have to put the day's menu and the altered dish through horrible nutritional analysis software that only barely works. That shows up protein, fat, carbohydrate and energy content of the food. The software's only available on the uni computers, so I'll have to spend a bit of time in the computer rooms next week. I had to send in my food order for next week by Tuesday. Macaroni cheese - yum.

Then there's the computing homework, which isn't too bad but I have to do that on the uni computers as well, because of security settings: we're messing with scripts on their servers.

We get two more lots of coursework still to be set, one on nutritional energetics that isn't due in until the start of next term, and another computing one with a deadline of only a week. There are another five lots of coursework due next term, and then a short break before the exams start. At the moment, I'm just looking forward to the Easter holidays, when I can pause for breath.


aims said...

For me - even a gluten-free plate of mac and cheese makes me gag. Any kind of pasta usually makes me gag although once in a while I can do spaghetti - my way.

The same thing happens with gluten-free pretzels.

I think once my body realized this stuff was making me sick in it's wheat form that the revulsion started.

Don't know if that's something to consider for your celiac patients or not. Maybe a good thing to ask.

Lola said...

The macaroni cheese (with extra cream and bacon) is for an undernourished man. I made chicken pie (using polenta instead of pastry) for the coeliac guy. It was pretty good.