Thursday, 14 February 2008


I had porridge for breakfast this morning. I've never had porridge for breakfast before, ever, let alone made it myself. It's not hard, I followed the instructions on the packet of oats, adding milk to oats in a cereal bowl and microwaving (intending to save washing up) but it grew somewhat bigger than the cereal bowl, so I didn't save washing up at all. I'll make less next time. I added a twist of salt, and ate about half of it before it turned to glue. It was quite nice, really.

Mr A came in then, and I asked him whether he wanted to finish my porridge, which was still hot. He looked dubious, so I said I'd added a twist of salt, and that seemed to make it worse. I asked how he'd make porridge, and it's different - he kind of floats it on milk, and eats it with sugar. So I'll try that, because I'd really like to eat healthy oaty wonderfood porridge for breakfast instead of sugary-salty not-that-good-for-you cereal, even though I love Shreddies. Shreddies contains tons of salt and suger (which is what makes it taste so nice), as does every other breakfast cereal except Weetabix and Shredded Wheat. I hate Weetabix and Shredded Wheat.

This is all supposed to be part of my attempt to remain a suitable size for my current wardrobe, since buying clothes is a horror akin to repeated visits to the dentist. I've been going to the campus gym since I started studying here in September, and this term a brand spanking new sports centre has been opened with lovely new facilities. They've enlisted a proper professional trainer to show people round, and four of us oldies booked him for an advice session. He looks a bit like Robbie Williams and has very well-defined muscles. Very well-defined. He's also got lovely eyes, which is more my kind of thing. I digress.

So this morning I put his advice into practice. I find that I have muscles in my arms and legs, but none in the middle at all. It's a wonder I don't flop all over the place instead of sitting upright. I then drank water and yawned all the way through lectures (Physiology and Nutrition), but I've been given a "Get Out Of Valentine's Day" pass by Mr A, so at the end of this super-healthy day, I'm going out for a slap-up dinner with three of the girls from my course. I deserve it, I even had porridge this morning.


aims said...

Try adding some raisins, apple slices, and banana...very yummy - and if you're going to add sugar - brown sugar..

Richard Madeley said...

Please don't bad mouth the Weetabix. They are the finest cereal in the Madeley cupboard.

Sally (magicchick) said...

Lola, Lola you have completely thrown me! I never expected you to be commenting on mens bodies!!!!
I am shocked and stunned but in a good way!

Lola said...

It was all too much so I had Shreddies this morning, but I'll try the fruit and sugar ideas next time. But never Weetabix. Weetabix is the work of the devil. Sawdust incarnate when dry, add milk: turns into puppy sick.

Sal - he's a Personal Trainer, his body is his marketing material. He's offering to make my muscles like his in return for money, so you have to take a look!

Amy said...

A few years ago, I ordered some Weetabix from a British import company in Pennsylvania. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. After trying it, I still want to know what all the fuss is about. I gave what was left of that sad cereal to a friend who had spent a couple years in Manchester as a kid, and she was thrilled.

Eye candy has no calories. Or kilojoules, if that's what you use across the pond. What do you use?

holly said...

if porridge is like oatmeal, i have it almost every morning. but it's instant.
weetabix is just wrong.

i put splenda on stuff as i don't do sugar. but that's only half dietary, half i-don't-want-to-inherit-dad's-diabetes.

how did you decide on val's day that you were going out for a meal and then get a seat? that's not possible in my town, sista!

robbie williams : yummy :)

Lola said...

Amy - food and animal scientists use kJ, but since the public still use calories, that's what we dietitians use.

Holly - We went for dinner at 6pm when proper valentines are still getting ready. But we had booked in advance, actually.