Saturday, 15 December 2007

End of term

Slides from the fish presentationThat's it - term has ended! The fish presentation went off very well, along with most of the other presentations in my set. Those who had never spoken from the front of a room and confessed to being paralysed with fear were absolutely fine; only the students whose first language was not English struggled badly. Julia and Alix delivered theirs without notes, about mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats, and the effect of birth weight on disease later in life. They were really very good. I was a lot more informal, getting the audience involved too (shout out the name of an oily fish!)

I forgot to mention the first Open Day for prospective students and their parents, on Wednesday, when I had my first opportunity to be a Student Ambassador. Because they were short of people I wasn't able to tag along with a more experienced Ambassador on the campus tour, so I was teamed up with another newbie and off we went on our own. The campus is very 'unstructured' with no clear routes to anywhere, so our tour covered about twice as much ground as it should have, to get to all the places we were supposed to show the group. I did find I was talking more to the parents than the students, so I should really pay attention to that! One family I met were farmers from Daventry, whose daughter currently goes to a school where I sometimes play badminton.

To celebrate our survival to the end of term, a group of us older students had arranged to go out for a drink and a curry in Kegworth to celebrate surviving the first term. It was great. Next time I see them will be at the first exam!

Five students in the pub

Shelley, Lizzie, Kate, Julia, Alix

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