Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Home news

Red and green tomatoes growing in the garden
On the home front, Mr A and I continue to inhabit Lola Towers with enthusiasm.

I managed to sustain three tomato plants over the summer, which continue to provide the odd tomato, although I think it's probably time to bring the remaining green ones inside to ripen on the windowsill.

Next door, Smurf and the pub are flourishing. We don't visit that often nowadays, certainly no more than once a week, but we feel very lucky to have such a good neighbour. When a friend came over for a day's shopping in Leamington, Smurf offered to keep an eye out for the traffic wardens, and move her car if necessary.

We couldn't supply her with a visitor's parking permit because Mr A has bought himself a vehicle and has not yet bought a resident's permit. He has made some big life changes, and is now occupied primarily in studying for an Open University degree in Computing - the first two modules have arrived and are spread over his office.

He is also delivering IT training courses, and so needed some independent transport because I have exclusive use of the car during term times. Unwilling to abandon his biking ambitions, he went for a van just large enough to transport his bike to events, even though he is not likely to be able to afford to ride at many events in the near future. We will be using it to transport wood and camping gear to our next planned camping trip in November, where participants have been promised a fire.

My sporting ambitions continue with the badminton club - we moved to our brand spanking new venue a few weeks ago, and have already lost our first league match. It's a lovely hall, though, and a few new people have joined, so perhaps one day we could end up winning our matches. Last season, we lost all but one match, and would have been demoted if we hadn't already been in the bottom division of the league.

The most significant improvement to Lola Towers is taking place over the next month or two - we are renovating the bathroom. About a year ago, Mr A applied great gobs of sealant around the plughole to stem the flow of water through the ceiling below. Then a few months ago, the bath itself cracked, and is currently being held together by gaffer tape. We have engaged a plumbing team to assist us, we have bought a bath, a basin, WC, taps, and I shall be collecting a radiator on Friday. Then the decorating team enter the fray, renewing the walls, ceiling and floor.

The latest ipod news is that my vouchers have taken an eternity to arrive thanks to industrial action at the post office. As soon as I can justify a break from thinking about barriers to health promotion in UK ethnic populations, or Mrs Elsie Sparrow the undernourished old lady, I'll head off to choose myself a lovely shiny noise-making gift.


Brett said...

Good luck with the bath room, thats on our list too.

aims said...

I remember you working on the bathroom last year! The tub has actually cracked? I wonder how that happened. Strange.

A new bathroom is bliss tho. Reno'd ours and we love it except for the fact that I always have to rip out the sealant around the edges and redo it every 6 months or so. It's not a fun job and it makes the shower unusable for a couple of days.

Lola said...

Redo the sealant every six months! The horror! What on earth happens to it in six months?