Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What I've been reviewing

Image of the book cover
Study and Communications Skills for the Biosciences
by Stuart Johnson and Jon Scott

"Written in a practical, motivational style, with plenty of examples and advice to help the reader master the skills being explored, the book explains how to get the most out of lectures, tutorials, and group work; how to get the most out of the vast array of information that is available in books, in journals, and on the web; how to communicate your work and ideas effectively to others; and how to revise for and complete exams to give yourself the best chance of success."
This is another of the free books that OUP have given me to review. I've read it from cover to cover, and even though it's aimed at someone going to university for the first time, it still has some useful advice for an old stager. It has come up with some suggestions for solving the problems I have when researching - I tend to find too much material, and get side-tracked by interesting but irrelevant information. I shall try starting from a textbook and gradually widening the scope, rather than starting with a general search on the Internet or PubMed. There are also some useful ideas about working in groups, and on creating a poster, which is often the way that original research is presented. Altogether, very good value for money, especially as I didn't pay for it.


Caz said...

I could use a book like this, though I'm not doing biosciences. I too seem to gather too much information and go off track when I'm doing research!

Lola said...

I really need to put my ideas into practice, and USE the sodding book rather than read it and think how useful it will be...