Friday, 23 October 2009

End of a long week

Spider in the centre of an unfeasibly large web
It's Friday morning, and I'm very tired, sitting in the library anticipating my last lecture of the week.

The coursework situation became critical earlier this week, when I discovered that I was getting nowhere with the gene polymorphism one and I had to phone the supervising tutor. Thankfully, he was very helpful, and I'm back on track, but it feels as though there's hardly any time to the deadline. Instead of Apolipoprotein B I'm going to be writing about microsomal triacylglyceride transfer protein (MTP), and I'm sure I'll provide more details in a future post, perhaps even speculating on why it isn't abbreviated to MTTP.

After our last Diet Therapy lecture there was a short discussion about Mrs Sparrow, whose nutritional requirements (it turns out) have to be justified by reference to the academic literature, which will probably double the amount of time this work will take. Not that I thought it would be trivial, but now it's really something.

At least I'm doing OK with my leaflet about barriers to promoting healthy eating to the Vietnamese population of the UK. If I can get that one finished at the weekend I'll feel much better - unfortunately I don't think that will be possible. I now have the equivalent of a revision timetable to make sure I give enough time to each bit of work.

Apart from all the coursework I've had a good week, with badminton club on Monday night, a match on Tuesday night (we only lost 7-2! Result!) and then I played again yesterday at university with a couple of random postgrads and one of the sports centre staff. It all contributes to the exhaustion, but I definitely feel happier when I've played badminton - three times in a week is probably overdoing it, though.

The spider in the picture at the top built his amazing web in our garden in September. Unfortunately, he built his wonderfully intricate home exactly where I wanted to hang the washing.


Caz said...

Great photo!

Anonymous said...

And guess what we're going to be given on Friday morning. More coursework...