Friday, 9 October 2009

The ipod story continues

Well, readers, last thing on Wednesday I hopped over to the big electronics store with my stack of vouchers and made my purchase. A lovely, new, shiny, black ipod. I even took photos, on the basis that I would need to illustrate my delighted blogging.

The chosen photo refused to upload to the blog properly - each time I tried, it rotated itself by 90 degrees. I gave up.

Never mind, your loss is incidental, I have a new ipod! I even gave the one I was using back to Mr A. My new ipod sparkled next to the computer as it uploaded more than 3000 songs and podcasts and books and photos (and my calendar).

On Thursday I hitched it up to the car radio and off we went. But I couldn't get the levels right - too loud and the sound was distorted, too quiet and there was a load of hissing. This morning, as I plugged the ipod into the car radio, I noticed that it started playing white noise. There is something wrong with it.

This morning I have lectures, this afternoon I am collecting a bathroom radiator, valves (and lightbulbs) and then Mr A and I are away for a weekend of celebrating a friend's 60th birthday. The ipod saga is not over yet.

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Brett said...

I hate ipods, my wifes nearly killed her lap top, i got a nice little sony that has never given me any trouble