Friday, 4 September 2009

Mr A is a winner!

I left you in suspense at the end of the last post:
- will the pan come clean?
- was the ipod found?
- are we going on holiday?
- and what on earth could we all have done in the pub?

The answers in brief are: yes, no, yes, and Trivial Pursuit.

The pan isn't very interesting, so I'll leave it at that. Lola II and I have planned a short camping trip near Minehead at the weekend, so there may be some mucking about to report next week. The ipod news is much more exciting.

Remote control with buttons for Lola and Mr ALong ago, I wrote about how our household is one of those which provides data on what the public watches on TV. We have a remote control with our names on, and when we watch TV we have to press a button to say who is watching. When visitors come, we have to make sure that we register their presence too. Well, we don't watch more than a couple of hours of TV a week, and we definitely don't watch TV with visitors. We don't even have visitors, really, other than Lola II. So it hasn't been much of a chore so far.

We are paid for our participation by accumulating points, and What Do Points Mean?*

Last time I looked at what we could get for our points, there wasn't anything I really wanted. I thought I'd take another look at the weekend, and this time, I noticed that among the Prizes were ipods!

I only have half the points I need for the ipod I want, and even when if I steal Mr A's points, I still won't have enough. But points can also be redeemed for vouchers for high street electrical outlets! I can buy a brand new ipod instead of something dodgy on ebay, with a proper guarantee, for something like £30.

[The lovely Mr A says I can have his points, and then he can have his ipod back. Although he also says I should have asked him first before replacing all his music with mine. He is right.]

Mr A and a large silver trophy with the Triv boardWell, that really made my day. I felt about as good about life as I had felt bad when I discovered that the ipod was gone. So all that remained was to work out what to do in the evening. We chose to play Trivial Pursuit in the Cricketers.

The game they have is the old version, circa 1980, which suited me because I don't really know anything trivial after that date, and suited Mr A because he is old. Lola II probably knows more than us about modern tymes because she is younger and because she keeps an eye on who's in the news. (During the weekend, she explained both Cheryl Cole and Kerry Katona to me.)

And Mr A was the winner!

I have had one of the best weekends I can remember.

* Prizes.


aims said...

Catching up and look what's happened to you! A lost ipod....bummer! And a visit by Lola 11 - hooray! And winning at trivial pursuit - fantastic!

Your weekend sounds so much better than mine where I have been dealing with a neanderthal day in and day out over at my brother's. How do men like this even exist in today's world? Lordy! I detest him which makes my anxiety and stress levels very high. Bastard!

aims said...

btw - rafting is done after this weekend so all will be well soon and there will be much rejoicing when neanderthal moves on to his new job on Monday! Hooray!

The Woman who Can said...

Now Lola II needs to explain them to the rest of the world. Not who, but why.

Anonymous said...

Catching up with your blog after 'losing' it for a few months. (I used to be 'wife, mother mature student' now I am still all three but different!)
Are you still studying?

Lola said...

Aims - I hadn't realised it was your brother giving you all that grief. Hang on in there.

Woman who Can - I'll ask her, but I don't think there's an answer to 'why?'

Studentmum - not actively studying at the moment, but I've done some work experience over the summer, and term starts again towards the end of September.