Saturday, 26 January 2008

Random Badgers are the winners!

At last, after about nine months of serious attempts at winning the pub quiz in the Green Man, Kenilworth, we finally did it. We managed a second place just before Christmas but this time was the real deal - first place, and ten whole pounds in vouchers to spend behind the bar. The core Badgers were in attendance, with J (nearly a regular now) and Mr A on one of his rare visits, plus a first-timer. We'll really be splashing out on elderflower cordial next week. Not many pubs serve that particular tipple, but hooray for the Green Man looking after its driving patrons.

Apart from that, I've had a whole week of the new term, with six new modules to get to grips with. Data Transfer, Analysis & Presentation, more Biochemistry, Food Safety, Animal Physiology, Nutrition, and Food & Catering. We've even had two assignments already - we all took the test for Food Safety Certificates today, and there was an online test to make sure we all knew how to use the computer - the easiest 5% I'll ever earn.

So far it seems much more relevant than last term's modules - nothing on plants this term (except photosynthesis), and most of the time we've actually been talking about food or closely related subjects (admittedly, it's been mostly food poisoning so far). The downside is the timetable - for four weeks I'll have the grand total of one hour's lectures on a Tuesday, from 2 till 3pm. I'm hoping to see the module convenor about that, and if he can't help then Dipti's offered to record the lectures for me.


aims said...

Elderflower cordial?? Never heard of it! Sounds yummy!

travelling, but not in love said...

Well done - pub quizzes attract such a great mix of people. My old local - the railway in Shenstone - used to have a great quiz night that would attract the hardened drinkers, the families, the 'youth' and the odds and ends who happened to stumble into the pub on the wrong night. A great British institution methinks.

Congrat's on winning. Good luck with re-arranging your lectures. My university schedule started equally ridiculously and it just got progressively worse...