Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Blog etiquette

Since my displacement activity took me way out into the blogosphere, I have been rewarded by one or two return visits from other bloggers. This is quite the most amazing thing that the blog has done - my self-indulgent choice to write down stuff that I'm doing for other people to read has led to just that, other people reading it. Who'd have thought?

And I bask in the gratitude of my parents, who must have spent years wondering what I get up to and why I don't talk to them about anything I do. I don't talk to anyone about anything I do. Either it's embarrassing, or not their business, or unimportant, or just not interesting. Nothing I've written in this blog is particularly important, I just try to make it as interesting to read as possible, and sometimes I find a nice turn of phrase that adds some spice.

[Actually, I do talk to Lola II about stuff, but she has an incredibly high boredom threshold and doesn't seem to mind hearing about unimportant uninteresting stuff. And she's very good at asking questions.]

Most of all, I'm writing things down that may be fun to remember in years to come, a combination of a photo album and a diary. But a very selective diary, given that absolutely anyone can come and have a look, and can even leave me comments. And that has taken me into the world of blog etiquette - must I comment on the comments? It seems polite to thank people for taking the trouble to leave a note, and that is what is commonly done elsewhere, but I can't bring myself to leave a comment that says "Thanks for leaving your comment, I really appreciate it" because, well, I'm not sure why I don't want to do it. It's just A Bit Much.

So if I still have readers from the blogosphere, I really am grateful for your comments but I can't bring myself to thank you in a comment, except if there's something else to say as well. I'll just visit your blogs and comment there. I'm almost ready to include a few blogs in my links list, and I hope that will stand as thanks as well.


aims said...

Don't worry about not commenting - wife in the north never comments -

But it sure is nice to know that people lurk - isn't it?

aims said...

Then again - I suppose leaving a comment and answering back is a bit like a conversation -

Laurie at Three Dog Blog did a post on blogging I guess there is something to it...

Swearing Mother said...

Don't worry about it Lola, do what you feel like. That's the beauty of blogging. As Aims says, WITN doesn't comment much and it's like being visited by the superstar of blogging if she ever talks to you, which is great.

I, however, rattle on at length because I am that way in real life.

Just do your own thing.

BTW, Leamington was my home town. Love it, love it, love it.