Saturday, 24 September 2011


Leafy scene from Leamington in September
Morale has risen slightly since the early part of the week, probably due to my teaching session going very well. It is not surprising that I was at sixes and sevens after having my interview persona criticised, albeit in a helpful and positive way. An hour of being told how you could do better is pretty much guaranteed to leave you thinking that you're not very good really. An hour of standing in front of class doing something quite well that you actually enjoy raises the spirits in a compensatory manner.

The session was a Masters module about communication skills aimed at health professionals. There were only three in the class, but two tutors sat in as well. I was talking about my previous life working with blind and partially sighted people, and how communication in a healthcare setting can be disrupted by something unfamiliar like visual impairment. After running through some facts and figures, we went through both practical information about the effects of sight loss on everyday life, and the possible emotional and psychological consequences.

As I reflect on the experience, it occurs to me that I have a great deal of useful experience and expertise in one-to-one consultations, group presentations and teaching situations. I should be more confident about these skills if I ever get an interview.

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Anonymous said...

Or maybe even look for a job as a consultant in that area?

I hope you find a wonderful job soon (but having been unemployed for six months before I found my current job I know how bad it is out there right now). Don't start doubting what you can do!

- Marjolein