Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A diversion

Sofa-based construction site
Some readers may be interested in the fate of Mr A, who is mostly revising for his exams at the moment, and enjoying it about as much as I remember enjoying mine, which is: not much. He continues to entertain me, however, with his latest interest - the construction of a balsa wood model plane, which he is carrying out on a large board on his lap in the evenings. And his other indulgence - an evening class he has signed up to, which he tells me is better than any he has ever done in the past. It is a welding class at the local college. He is currently practising his TiG welding skills with a view to constructing a ski-bike and bits and pieces for his motorbikes (e.g. a sump guard).

Otherwise, life goes on. The garden has never had so much attention, and the paved area is now vegetation-free, although the lawn is a dreadful mess of moss and various other weeds. I still haven't embarked on any DIY around the house, but it is becoming more difficult to put it off. Still no word on any of my job applications, but I went to a BDA1 local branch meeting and fed my brain with presentations on vitamin D, psychological approaches to behavioural change, and IBS2. I'm still playing badminton twice a week, and the newer club is becoming slightly more friendly - or more accurately, I've started to identify the less friendly members and avoid them.

And that's about it. No adventures or misadventures, no excitement, just niggling frustration that repainting the plasterwork of the kitchen ceiling is something that I really should get started on.

1 British Dietetic Association
2 Irritable Bowel Syndrome, aka Functional Bowel Disorder

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