Thursday, 30 September 2010

No time to blog properly

I have had a busy week, and in half an hour I must take myself away to a badminton match. There has been little time for blogging, so here is just a flavour of the last few days.

I have been getting better slowly from my terrible illness. Sunday was my worst day, but I valiantly tackled more slash and burn in The Garden and took another load of bags to the dump on Monday. As predicted, it doesn't really look any better, and still needs attacking some more, cutting back the big trees in particular.

Alf has been to repair and renovate various bits of exterior wood, brick and paint. Our usual lackadaisical attitude meant that we had to choose a colour for the whole house to be painted while I was at uni and Mr A was delivering a training course, so we did most of our colour choosing in the dark or under artificial light or when one of us wasn't there. When I turned the corner coming home this evening, thankfully it looks as though it will be fine. Pictures will follow, along with more detail (perhaps).

The new term has started and I have only three modules: my research project (worth half of the total marks this semester), Advanced Dietetics and Professional Issues (worth one third) and Nutrition in the Community 2 (worth the remaining one sixth). Key events so far: 1) I was late to the first lecture and then my phone rang and I couldn't turn it off; 2) I have sold my lab coat and safety glasses to a first year; 3) we are all swapping notes on our clinical placements over the summer because we will be choosing the location of our C placements imminently.

Must get going now. Tomorrow the forecast says there will be torrential rain over most of the country, which is why I will be heading south with Lola II to do some camping. I would love to do more blogging, but electricity supply and internet access are in short supply in most fields. I am sure there will be much to report on our return, though.

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