Monday, 27 September 2010

Feeling ill

Plant close up with droplet of rainwater
I am Not Very Well. Following the family reunion last weekend, three of those present are now suffering. It would not take a brilliant detective to determine the source of our infection.

Despite illness, I was very brave and tackled The Garden. This did not involve careful nurturing and tending delicate seedlings, but attacking plants which seem to have the constitution of a wrought-iron railing, but a railing that doubles in size every year. I have used secateurs and a small hand-saw, and taken many bags of 'clippings' to the dump. If I feel better this afternoon I will do the same again, and The Garden will still look as overgrown and threatening as it did when I started.

Other than The Garden, I have been whimpering gently as I make my snotty way around the house to make cups of tea, and sitting at my desk thinking about doing some things that really need sorting out even though I'm not feeling well. Car insurance, credit card statements, filing receipts - perhaps I'll see if Lola II will come and help. [Only she will appreciate the true comedy value of that statement.]

My brave persistence with everyday life despite my weakened condition has also manifested itself in making supper. Mr A has been doing a lot of the cooking in recent times, especially while I was out working all day, and his recipe research method was usually Internet-based, and resulted in something by Jamie Oliver. So I bought him a JO cookbook for his birthday, and it has been quite a success. One thing I hadn't appreciated about Jamie was his use of fresh chillies, to the extent that we regularly have some in the fridge, waiting for the next Jamie recipe.

I concocted one of Jamie's recipes, with the result that as I was sitting on the sofa afterwards, tissue in hand, I happened to rub one of my eyes. I spent the next half hour with both my nose and one eye streaming.

School starts tomorrow. I think it is fair to say that I am not particularly looking forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear - hope you feel better soon!