Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Food & Drink Festival

Hello, Lola II here.

Lola I, blog-owner extraordinaire, made a little harmless comment recently that there have been no contributions to her blog from anyone else for a while. Since I am the only official guest contributor (I don't mean you lovely commenters), I assumed that what she was actually saying was:
"I've had to go to work for weeks now and it's exhausting and it would be really helpful if you could do a little writing. Firstly because it'll be a nice break for me, but mostly because I love your writing style, you are eloquent, your grammar are second to a none and your speelling is exemplorrie".
My own motivation for writing is that Lola's brain is the size of a planet, near full capacity, and unless I give her a break and do a little writing myself, it is likely to explode. Not such a problem except that she is due to come and stay with me from today until Sunday, and I hate cleaning.

dog watches jazz bandLast weekend Mr M & I visited Lola I and Mr A, and dropped in on the Leamington Food and Drink Festival.

The Taste Trail comprised of nine restaurants offering free food in return for a rating from the tasting public. The restaurant's hope is that, by the end, they will be classed as GOLD! Our part of the arrangement was free food, and entry in raffle to win a dinner for two. Mr M said he'd donate the meal we were sure to win to Lola and Mr A. Mr M is a much nicer person than me. I generously conceded that I would visit them before our meal.

Lola I holding a sample of wineMeanwhile, in a park nearby, there were oodles of stalls selling and demonstrating and tasting a variety of food, from Caribbean to Greek to French to Thai to Sausage Heaven and Olive Oil-tastic. All accompanied by soft background music, punctuated by the singer saying "oh sorry, that was the wrong verse".

My objection on the sampling food front is to the man who got the last piece of a pork pie and fed it to his greyhound. I stood back to watch the stallholder's reaction, ready to dive in and support local industry in light of this grossly unjust and disrespectful behaviour! In the blink of an eye I considered whether I was prepared to wade into a fist fight. Possibly. One with a dog involved? Oh yes, I love dogs.

What does the stallholder say? He says "is that an ex-racer?" SampleStealingMan says yes and the stallholder gave him the thumbs up!!!! Unbelievable. It's a sorry state of affairs when a proper sampling law-abiding person such as myself is trumped at the pork pie stand by a doggie. Hrrmph.

Indian foodTop notch moments were the free bites to eat in Sabai Sabai (Thai) and Kayal (South Indian),the best chocolate florentine I've EVER had - crystallised ginger was inspired. Having a little dance with Mr M, his first cobnut, and seeing Mr A run like greased lightening down the stairs and out of the house with Lola realising almost immediately that it was because there was some kind of fancy airplane zooming past outside. Turns out it was a Spitfire, so Mr A's attempt to break the four second mile was justified.

We had a Rocky Road disaster, Portuguese nata cake-thing that wasn't up to scratch and the worst nutella crepes I have EVER experienced in all my life. Worst of all was when I popped off to the public loo and I saw a 14 year old girl walking towards the men's. In my super-helpful citizen mode I shouted out "no, that's the men's!" The child turned to me and said, "yes, I know". That little boy should jolly well get his hair cut.

Fish carved from pumpkinLola II's impression of fish carved from pumpkin

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Lola said...

The Rocky Road disaster wasn't so bad - I ate it instead of Mr A. So that's not a disaster at all.