Monday, 20 September 2010

In London again

Niece with hairdo provided by Lola II
Thanks to Lola II, you haven't been deprived of top quality blog fodder while I've been taking it easy after 12 whole weeks of working. If only all jobs could last just 12 weeks, then give you two weeks off before starting again. [On reflection, if you get 6 weeks holiday a year, then they could.]

After the frenzy that was the Food and Drink Festival, I had three days of more sedate activity, including some home cooking and some paperwork and a bit of tidying up before launching myself down to London. At one point I had about six lists on the go, covering future plans, daily plans, longterm plans, a shopping list, and a plan to use up all the leftovers in the fridge that accumulated while Mr A was in charge of the kitchen.

Now I'm sitting at Lola II's kitchen table, contemplating the list of jobs she's given me to do while she's out, and considering my options for entertainment in London for the next two days. I feel another list coming on...

Thursday and Friday

So, out on the streets of London I have met a couple of friends to catch up, and helped Mr M to nearly win the pub quiz (actually they lost on the tie break and I didn't really help at all). My list is nearly untouched, having done no jobs for Lola II, but all my shopping for Japanese goods.

I spent the afternoon in Lola II's office, doing homework for school: reading and commenting on a chapter about DNA replication. I learned some more things, but by the end of the chapter I was struggling to understand what was going on. It reminded me of how much knowledge we have about the molecules that constitute our bodies, and how much there is still to learn. The sum of human knowledge is truly remarkable.


This morning the sun is shining, I'm still in bed, providing valuable moral support at a distance for Lola II who is cleaning her shower. She is cleaning it so thoroughly that it has taken all morning. We did necessary admin work all afternoon and most of the evening, taking a break for just an hour or so to eat Japanese food.

Nephews 1 and 2 in relaxed moodThen there was a family party to celebrate the departure of 2nd nephew to university, which included food and piano playing and hairdressing and digging in the garden, followed by a tortuous journey taking mum and dad home by car. 22 miles, 2 hours, average speed 11 mph. I won't volunteer to do that again, we'll go by public transport like everyone else.


Jobs for the parents: cleaning the scum out of the heating header tank, downloading a security update, and advising on ways to edit and classify images before creating Powerpoint presentations. I now need to document all the programs and what they do, so that dad can get started on creating his lectures electronically rather than using the old-fashioned (but reliable) method of a slide projector.

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