Friday, 30 January 2009

Lots of work to do

It's been very hectic this week. If it hadn't been for the book post I'd prepared earlier, you wouldn't have heard anything.

After the end of exams and a curry in Kegworth with Dipti on Friday night, I had Saturday morning off and then headed to London for some wild times with Lola II. I watched while she tidied up (I think this is in my job description as Lola the Elder) then we went out for sushi - one of the prerequisites for my visit.

On Sunday, we received a visit from friends who helped Lola II specify and buy a new television. In the event, she also received some useful advice about glazing, damp and rendering. The visit ended on a sad note, with a viewing of the end of The Railway Children on the new TV. "Daddy, my daddy!" (That will make Lola II cry again. She's so soft about The Railway Children.)

This week at university has seen the start of five new modules and the continuation of a sixth. As well as all that, I've been catching up with all the jobs that were put off by a month of revision and two weeks of exams, including three months' backlog of Mr A's accounts. That's not a job I relish, and I expect he dislikes it too, given the amount of nagging and sniping he gets from me for the duration. Why can't he just print out the email invoices as they arrive? Or at least file them somewhere so it's easy for me to find them? Anyway, it's nearly done now. The house is still a filthy tip, though.

On Monday morning we started a module on Food Composition, in which I resolved to weigh all my food in future so that I can estimate the amount of protein and energy in it. I have not done this.

On Monday afternoon we started a new Human Nutrition module, where we covered some previous ground on fat, and I resolved to look up the notes and remind myself of what we'd done before. I have not done this either.

On Tuesday we started a module on Medicine and Pathology, looking at the types of disease we're likely to come across in dietetic practice, like diabetes and renal disease. I need to get a textbook out of the library to support this module. I have not done this yet.

On Wednesday, we had the first session of a module about Communication Skills and Educational Methods, which includes the requirement to choose a recent published article in a professional journal, and write an article aimed at a popular magazine readership. It would be a good idea for me to choose my journal article soon, but I have not done this.

Thursday was the first of Computing Techniques, in which we sat through two hours of tedium on what the abbreviations FTP and HTML stand for, before moving into the computer rooms to create a basic web page (part of our first coursework assignment). I need to get started on that because the deadline is only a week away, but guess what, I haven't done it yet.

This morning we continued with a module about nutrition and metabolic disease, and we heard about phenylketonuria. The last piece of coursework for this module was set last term, and is all about metabolic syndrome. You may not be surprised to hear that I haven't started it yet.

I really need to get started on some of this work, but there's one more session needed on Mr A's accounts first...


Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything, it sounds like a lot of work!

travelling, but not in love said...

I'd watch Lola II tidy up if it meant I got sushi afterwards. Yum...

Lola II said...

You would be very welcome to support me in my tasks, and the local sushi is VERY good. However, you need to know all the facts. There also comes the duty of listening to my stories, branded short but normally long.

Lola has built up an effective resistance over the years. I fear for anyone exposed without adequate protection. Like coffee & earplugs.