Tuesday, 20 January 2009

200th post: Accentuate the Positive

In this 200th post I would like to celebrate all those who have made this blog possible.
  • Mr A, even though he doesn't read it
  • Lola II, who provides endless bloggable material
  • Mum and dad, who are my biggest fans.
A few real people that I know have told me that they read my stuff occasionally (or regularly), and this makes me a) happy, and b) slightly embarrassed.

It also wedges my editorial hat firmly in place, because I don't want to write anything that makes anyone feel uncomfortable or reveals secrets or might be vaguely controversial. This is no place to have a sweary rant, or slag off people who have made me cross, or point out imperfections in people who can't help it. Or show Lola II's real hair before her recent new cut. I even feel slightly uncomfortable when I mildly criticise people who can't possibly know about the blog, but if they did read it would recognise themselves as the target. So I have tried to confine myself to the advice of the great Bing Crosby (or rather, Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen, you see it's always credit where credit's due with me):
You've got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don't mess with Mister In-Between

[The YouTube clip I found to illustrate this comes from 'The Singing Detective', which I remember being broadcast to critical acclaim in the 80's, but I didn't watch it. Michael Gambon stars, and I think he's a splendid actor and quite a character, so I've put it on my LoveFilm list for future viewing.]

Anyway, I'm quite surprised that I've kept going this long, and have turned into a blogging addict. But I still think about having a more anonymous place to write tales that are slightly less salubrious, more angry, or less fitting for a tea-time audience. Until I do, this blog has my full attention.

So my 200th post is nearly over, and I've thanked people I know, so it only remains to say thanks to other readers that I don't 'know' in the real world, but who regularly visit and sometimes leave comments. I get an average of perhaps 12 visitors a day, which is lovely. Do leave a comment, especially if you haven't done it before - no need to write loads if you don't want, just say Hi so I know you're there. Or just leave me your favourite word: today, mine is 'plump'.

Andy and me


travelling, but not in love said...

Hey Lola, congrat's on reaching 200! How the days fly by, eh?

Lovely to see you over at mine, and I read you regularly - even if I don't comment so often!

here's to the next 200....

Don't Bug Me! said...

Well done on keeping going for so long! And for being so positive. if I removed all the whinging and whining and shouting at people from my blog, I wouldn't have much left!

CERNoise said...

200 posts deserves more than 2 comments. Happy Blogging. Loved the photos, btw.

Brett said...