Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Pulmonary haemosiderosis

A blog that I read regularly, by Jo Beaufoix, has thrown a call out into the ether. She has a friend, Marie, with the potentially fatal lung condition pulmonary haemosiderosis. It is very rare, and Marie would very much like to find others who have the same condition:
"It would be good to know if others have received different treatment, or responded well to alternative therapies, dietary changes, exercise. It would be good to know she’s not alone."
If you have any information to pass on, please contact Jo via her blog.

Most of the time I get away with self-indulgent writing just because I like writing, with extra bonus points because it makes my parents happy. This post might actually help someone for a change.


Jay said...

Oh gosh ... I've never heard of pulmonary haemosiderosis, but it does sound nasty, and very scary. Sending hugs and prayers - I hope Marie finds a skilled doctor to treat her!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hi Lola. Thank so much for doing this. I'm really hoping we find something that will help her in some way. She'll be amazed by what everyone is doing. Thanks again. You're a star.

Brett said...

Lola, don't ever thing that you blog does not help people, some days reading blogs like yours keeps me going, your blog changed my life (a little bit) when you recommended Eats, Shoots and Leaves, read it and my writing and reading have both changed.

Lola said...

Hey Brett, I'm flattered. The comment you put on the post about the book didn't lead me to believe that punctuation was something that you found interesting or important! But reading your latest post explains that. Thank you.