Friday, 25 July 2008

One year anniversary

Garden chair among roses
Today is my blog's birthday. A year ago I took up this ridiculous time-wasting hobby that keeps me in front of the computer screen when there are so many other things I should be doing. But I love it: not just writing my blog and taking pictures for it, but visiting all the others too. The list in my Feed Reader contains 54 blogs. Luckily not all are active all the time.

So thank you to all those out there who are as keen on this crazy hobby as me. Many thanks to those who leave comments, but also those who lurk - I know who some of you are, and it's flattering when you email me or we meet and you tell me that you read what I write. And thank you to the people I love who make it all possible, especially Mr A, Lola II, mum and dad.

Lolas I and II


Let's Sew said...

HAPPY Blog Anniversary!!

Dick Madeley said...

Oh, I said I wouldn't but I will nonetheless... I'll gush.

Many congratulations on this happy day. A year in blogging is like ten years in solitary in a medium security prison and is quite the achievement. Very well done.

I'll have to get you to come on the show when Judy's leg is better.

Lola II said...

Love yow mo

belle said...

Wahey, well done! Happy blogaversary!! And wish I'd seen that photo before I disconnected from the printer ... you're going to be looking very cake like on our voyage ...!

aims said...

What?? A whole year! Woohoo! Where's the cake - is it gluten free? Then cut me a piece.

Job well done!

Ian said...

A late happy anniversary from across the pond. Here's to another year!

Lola said...

Thanks, new 'Let's sew' person! (Debra?)

Dick, I'm not sure I'm cut out for the celebrity life, so maybe I'll have to send in a substitute for the show - I'm sure Raj would do it for me.

Lola II! You've got a Blogger name at last! Much better than Anonymous, or even Charliemous.

Thanks Belle, I'm looking forward to life on the ocean wave.

Aims - there's no cake. If there were, I would make it gluten free for you.

Ian - been away? Nice to hear from you again.