Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Monkey puzzle

A close up of araucariaWe are living in difficult times. Every news bulletin emphasises the precarious nature of the world's economy, impending recession, the biosphere and climate change, food and fuel supply. Even the excited anticipation of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing became a story of doom and gloom yesterday because of the air pollution levels.

In our house, Mr A is struggling with his demons, and the future of his business. The company is solvent, but not providing the income he expects or deserves. A number of factors have reached critical points, and it is decision time. I still don't know what that decision will be, nor how it will be made, or when. This is unsettling. Marriage is hard work. I have been helping by reading a proposal for a large job that Mr A is putting together. It's like the worst kind of homework, where you're not sure what's required and you know you're not very good at the subject either.

My self-imposed task of dealing with the shower has started. It is horrible. Some of the grouting has cracked and some is mouldy - scraping it out with a grout scraping tool makes a sound that is almost unbearable. I thought that excising mouldy sealant with a Stanley knife blade would be quite satisfying - it is not, and is much more difficult than I expected. I haven't even started rubbing down the flaking paint on the shower frame, but I doubt that will be any fun either. I didn't think this job would be enjoyable, but I didn't expect to hate it all so completely.

To temper this unpleasantness, we watched the Wimbledon final on Sunday, I had a lovely time playing badminton on Monday, and last night I spent the evening with Sally and Steve in Birmingham, where I used to work. A pint in the Shakespeare pub for old times, then wonderful food at Cafe Soya. It was lovely to catch up with them again.


aims said...

Ah! Renovations! Almost makes my heart sing - especially when it is someone else doing it for the moment. When my back is better - I'll get to it once more and be crying the blues right along with you.

Some jobs are fun - they really are - and the satisfaction is huge...but this kind - ugh! Good luck and perhaps some of the best music to listen to will help you get along with it easier.

Sally said...

Yeah it was a great night!

travelling, but not in love said...

How good was that tennis? too good...

Jay said...

It's easy to get bogged down in doom and gloom - you really do need to find fun and happiness where you can, to balance things out.

I hate preparation work for decorating, but it's very satisfying when that part is done and the new grout can go in. Music is a good idea!

Love the picture!

Lola said...

The DIY is nearly over, and I set up the ipod station and listened to my latest talking book. Made it just about bearable.

Life is a bit brighter now, but I need another trip to Birmingham!