Friday, 11 July 2008

Blogging meme thingy

For the first time, I've been tagged for a meme, by Belle at Diary of a Housewife. Belle just celebrated one year of blogging, and I was at the party, and even received a party bag. The bag contained a festive hat, a medal, a lolly and two fizzy sweets, but most usefully some little sticky notes and a yellow highlighter. And it was a jolly good party too. My blogging anniversary is fast approaching, but I don't think I could put half as much effort into celebrating as Belle did.

1. I don't like touching velvet.
This is accurate, and quite important, and I don't like touching corduroy either. It evokes a sensation a bit like when someone scrapes their nails down a blackboard. Usually not a problem; the only time it's been a bit difficult is when I was suddenly given a child to hold who was wearing corduroy dungarees. I did a sort of little dance, saying "no no no take it back aargh!"

2. I'm a good cook.
This is very nice to hear, and I do enjoy cooking most of the time. I did three parts of the Cordon Vert vegetarian cooking diploma at the Vegetarian Society, for fun, and was fascinated to see how much better than me it was possible to be, especially when it came to presentation ideas. Some of the other students were really brilliant.

3. I like Stephen Fry.
He is good, isn't he? He's one of the people invited to my imaginary dinner party, along with Johnny Depp and a few others. He has constantly remained on the invitation list while others like Michael Palin and Tom Cruise have fallen by the wayside. And I live in hope that I might meet him in the flesh, as he went to the same college as I did, albeit a few years before me, and you never know who'll be at alumni events. Not that I go to alumni events much, except the Bletchley Park one of course.

Apparently this isn't a meme, it's a youyou (UU) because it's what someone else thinks about me rather than something I think about myself. This is blogging at it's most esoteric, but I thought I'd have a go. Mr A's away at the moment, and would probably not cooperate with this trivial exercise even if he were here, so I asked Lola II.

Here are the rules:

The UU must list the three things their husband (or wife) (or significant other) knows about them.

The rules of this UU are posted at the ENDING of the post.

At the end of the post, the player then tags a randomly chosen number of people and posts their blog names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged. The comment must end with the word 'pthththth'.

[Although it's probably illegal, I have edited the rules for capital letters and readability. They originally came from Holly, whose blog doesn't use capitals, but does use clauses and parentheses like nobody's business.]

Tagging other people: I think Richard Madeley would find that Judy has a few choice things to say, and Magicchick might like to have a go, and including Moley-Bloke would be interesting because they'd have to do each other, even though he hasn't blogged for ages. But no pressure, if you don't want to, you don't have to.

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