Sunday, 2 March 2008

Allergens, digestion, quiz and pub

News from the past week when I was busy writing about Winchester:

An interesting lecture in the depressing series of Wednesday morning's "Things you eat that can kill you," all about allergens. New symptoms for a change, no vomiting, abdominal cramps or diarrhoea - this time you go red, swell up and die instead of dying from dehydration or from toxic bacterial products. And the very first published paper on death from anaphylaxis caused by food was as recent as 1988.

Physiology has moved on from heart and lungs to something more relevant - digestion. We've had two lectures, the first going from the mouth as far as the stomach, and the second dealing with the intestines through to egestion. A very skilful lecturer delivered them: he managed to deal with the subject of intestinal processing and faecal matter without once provoking giggles or snorts among his teenage (and older) audience.

I met up again with the ex-badminton crew, this time in a pub in Grandborough, where we had a great meal and then won the quiz. No thanks to me at all; I didn't have a clue about most of the questions, and for those where my opinion prevailed I turned out to be wrong. I should stick to science, I'm not too bad at that. Can't wait to get back to the regular Wednesday quiz though, I've had to miss the last two because of those stupid vitamins.

It looks as though the pub next door is changing hands. We forced ourselves to go for a drink there a week or two ago, and had a chat with Nobby (the landlord's dad) about what their plans were. He let on that it hadn't worked out how they'd planned, and they were on the brink of selling up so they can leave the pub-keeping business. We suspect that it turned out to be a lot harder work for a lot less reward than they were expecting, and it can't have helped that all the neighbours stopped drinking there. Last night we returned and the rumour was confirmed, the new owner is starting on Friday, and is even someone we know - one of the staff from the Star and Garter, the pub that we started to frequent when the Cricketers went downhill.

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I'm waiting to hear what you learn on celiac disease and all its related info...and you can guess why..