Thursday, 27 March 2008

Fancy blog background... not

My thanks to Tina, Aims, TBNIL and Babooshka who continue to leave comments for me, and to others who I know lurk silently. I can tell it's revision time because I'm using blogging as a displacement activity, but I'm very short of witty repartee at the moment so I haven't replied to any comments.

To be fair, I have read a bit about bacterial food hazards: Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria, and got cross with the lecturer for having such terrible slides. I missed nearly a whole day of revision by food shopping when I should have been looking at statistics, except I did read one chapter of a book that explained variance and standard deviation really well. Then I went to Lola II's house as a surprise, and watched mum and my nephew Philip painting her hall, while I was on the sofa reading about hospital food. I've also reviewed some mystifying energetics equations - why would I want to know about the potential differences of various redox couples? How will that benefit my life? And more importantly, how can it possibly help me to answer Biochemistry exam questions?

I've been diverting my attention from schoolwork in other ways by trying to upload a background image to my blog. I nearly managed it too, except for two annoying things:
  1. My image wasn't wide enough so it started to repeat down the right side of the page
  2. The template achieves its 'roundy edge box' appearance by putting a little triangle of the background colour on each box corner as well as a thick border of background colour around the box.
My desire to have a lovely background is far stronger than my HTML skills, so I've reverted to the old template while I make the image wider and try and work out how to get transparent sides and corners on the boxes. Or I suppose I could choose a different template without the roundy corners. En route to this lack of success, I also managed to download a Google application called Picasa which I don't think I really want. All of this takes time that I should be using more wisely, so I spent a happy half hour drawing up a lovely revision timetable.

Today I should be looking at Physiology, but it's nearly lunchtime...


aims said...

I love Picasa and use it all the time! It just takes getting to know how to use it - and that doesn't really take too long...

If you figure out how to do the background pic - can you let me know? I'd dearly love to have the pic of my barn as my background - but I don't know how to do it...and The Man is always too tired after work to figure it out.

Swearing Mother said...

Hi Lola, you sound just like my son who is also at Uni. He tends to play computer games instead of writing his thesis when he's suffering from writer's block.

And writer's block is something I know all about!

Good luck with the biochemistry. I work in a hospital so know all about the rich strain of hospital acquired super-bugs by regularly eating lunch in the canteen.