Sunday, 4 November 2007

Fun and games this week

The fun started on Wednesday, when we came third in the pub quiz, thanks to an unusually large but intelligent team of sober girls and inebriated boys. This was despite the round about fictional bands in novels, TV and film, where we didn't understand what was going on until after the round was over.

Then on Thursday we held a gathering of ex-Avon badminton members who are now too old, fat, lazy or unfit to go to the club any more, plus their partners and me of course. Rog was there too, but left before the photo.

Andy, me, Sally, Pete and Eric
The bad news came on Friday, when I went to a different garage for a second opinion on the replacement of the driver's seat base. They sucked in their breath the way that tradesmen do, and told me to try going direct to VW for a replacement spring, otherwise it would indeed be many hundreds of pounds. I'm very disappointed in VW, which I had thought was a quality manufacturer. Of course things will always go wrong, but to be forced to replace the whole seat base for want of a spring seems very poor. And that's on top of all the other major and minor items that have broken: window mechanisms, aerial, fascia lighting - you can't even change a headlamp bulb yourself, it has to be done at the garage at the usual rates. So the next step in this saga is a call to a VW dealer.

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