Thursday, 12 January 2012

Odd jobs

River scene with tree stump
There's very little to report - nothing much has happened at all for a week.
  • I'm moving slowly towards employment with an appointment to return all the paperwork for checking, and references being taken up
  • I've been following up an opportunity for three days 'work experience' (more like observation) at a different NHS Trust, where the personnel officer involved seems to have left his job without telling anyone - his email mailbox is full and his phone rings without voicemail or answer
  • Our vouchers arrived so we tried to buy a freezer, but the model we want is unavailable for at least a week
  • I've been re-writing the chapter for the book on Dietetics as a career, based on feedback from the editor
  • I've learned about our 'Rights to Light' according to rules surrounding planning permission
  • I've planned my trip to London and mum and dad's visit here
  • I've continued to sort out my financial situation, including reviewing interest rates for all my bank and savings accounts, and confessing to the Council Tax people that I'm no longer a student.
Along with the usual badminton and watching DVDs from the sofa, there's nothing of interest going on at the moment. I've been doing a lot of reading. No DIY yet...

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