Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Not doing it myself for a bit

Image of round cacti viewed from above
I thought I'd take a short break from the shower project, so I cleaned everything up nicely so the room was usable again. Then I thought I'd celebrate by actually having a shower, but when I pressed 'go', absolutely nothing happened. Drat.

I hadn't turned off the mains power except when unscrewing and screwing back the base plates from the shower and the light pull-cords, and the light still worked. Mr A was working upstairs using his computer so I couldn't turn the power off to investigate. Later on when Mr A had finished for the day, we contemplated the situation. We knew it had to be electrical, probably a fuse, because the motor wasn't even trying to pump water. Suddenly I realised that there was another isolation switch, although I don't remember ever touching it. It was off. Turn it on - problem solved. First thought: 'thank goodness'. Closely followed by: 'what an idiot'.

Instead of decorating I have re-entered my comfort zone for a couple of days, and am focussing on normal household tasks for a day or two, including trying to work out which plan to choose when our gas and electricity contract ends. I booked train tickets for the next trip to London and contacted various people I'd like to see when I'm there. There was badminton, where it turned out that there was a men's match against the club I used to play for, so I could catch up with two of the nicest chaps from the olden days. I've been out looking for a mirror, and this one caught my eye - for the name, not the price, which is over £100. Ikea mirrors are a tenth of the price, and my reflection in them is pretty much the same.

I also got my clarinet out of its case for the first time in ages. Lola II and I have enrolled in a Woodwind Playday, so I have to become semi-proficient by January - there should be enough time. And finally, I was called upon for 'childcare' yesterday, picking up our friends' two children from after-school club and walking them home. I impressed upon them at the start that I wasn't a proper parent so they would have to take responsibility for not getting killed on the way, given that we were walking directly through town with rush hour traffic. They kept their side of the bargain perfectly. I would have been in terrible trouble if I'd let them get run over.

I should get the call about the interview today. Or tomorrow. They promised definitely by Friday. Gulp.

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