Sunday, 16 October 2011

Done It Myself

The interview went well, I think. Or possibly, it didn't; I really have no way of knowing until they offer me the job (or not). As usual in the car on the way home and throughout the afternoon and evening I had many ideas about what I might have said or how I might have done better. I shall find out next week. It is unsettling.

Far wall of shower room
Otherwise, the tortuously slow pace of decorating continues, with purchase and application of paint, consideration (but not acquisition) of light fitting, mirror, towel rail, loo roll holder and toilet brush. The paint colour is Auburn Falls 2, a dark orange-red, and looks wonderful - even Mr A thinks so. There are only two small orange smudges on the white ceiling, although a bit of white ceiling paint came off with the masking tape, and I shall consider whether to address this fault or not.

After my interview we went for supper in the pub as a treat. It has become quite difficult to eat there, because the menu lacks anything at all that might be considered healthy, except for jacket potatoes. For example: three sausages in a Yorkshire pudding with gravy and potatoes. No vegetables at all. The vegetarian options apart from jacket potatoes are hardly better: bean burger with chips, or vegetable fajitas, which arrive swimming in oil. The largest vegetable accompaniment with some dishes is a small pot of peas, or a minuscule salad garnish. Even the sandwiches come with crisps.

Freshly painted walls and ceiling
On this occasion Mr A chose a pie (with chips) and I asked him to get me a lamburger (with chips). Unfortunately a combination of his diction and the barmaid's hearing resulted in us receiving a pie (with chips) and a 'Combo' platter, which contained battered fish, pie, sausage, chips, onion rings and fried chicken (and minuscule salad garnish). We took most of it home and had another meal out of it, where we could add vegetables to balance the protein, carbohydrate and fat. So I think we may choose other venues for impromptu and inexpensive dinners, unless we can wield some influence on Smurf's catering department.


Lola II said...

Colour looks loooovely xxx

Lola said...

Unfortunately I just discovered that the shower doesn't work. Curses.