Friday, 21 October 2011

The morning after

Tendril over stones approaching water
Some of you whom I know in the real world will already be aware that my interview was unsuccessful; I didn't get either of the jobs on offer. I am feeling rather sorry for myself, and am tempted to write what I really feel about how recruitment is carried out, but in the hope that I will feel more positive soon, I shall resist that temptation.

This morning I submitted another application, and I have accepted some unpaid work that will bulk out my CV (not that it really needs any more bulk). Mr A and I also have cooked up a tentative plan that may result in some relevant work experience. So all is not doom and gloom, although I have to say that my mood has been a bit low for the last couple of days.

Never mind; Mr A did his last exam for the time being on Wednesday, fixed the dodgy tent pole yesterday, and we are just about to head off for a well-deserved weekend camping in Norfolk, probably at the same site that Lola II and I went to in July. The forecast is for moderate temperatures and no rain, which is all we could wish for at this time of year. Maybe there will be adventures, but more likely we will spend the weekend doing very little except finding nice places to sit and read books.


Simon Langley-Evans said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't get the posts. Did they give you any feedback?

Lola said...

The feedback was: "all the candidates including yourself were excellent, but you said fewer of the things we had on our list than they did." Helpful, but frustrating. At one point I asked if they wanted me to say more, and they said it was fine.