Sunday, 28 August 2011

Underemployment continues

New church butting against old church illuminated by evening sunlight and stormy skies
I have been trying to remind myself of all things dietetic, while fruitlessly applying for jobs. A vacancy came up not too far from Lola II. The notification arrived in my inbox at midnight; I saw it at 9 a.m. and started to put my application together; by 11 a.m. when I was ready to submit the completed form the vacancy had already closed. I think this might be typical of job vacancies in London.

I have since submitted another application, and notified my referees as usual. One of them emailed back, reassuring me that everyone was finding it difficult to get a job - her service in GNT had received 100 applications for each of two temporary jobs.

Meanwhile I have been sorting through university files, and doing some relevant reading. I found that the abstract relating to my conference poster has been published here. I have asked for some help with some of the questions that let me down in my last interview, according to my feedback, and confirmed that I will be making a contribution to teaching an Advanced Communications Skills postgraduate module in September.

I'm reaching the end of my long list of things I should be doing, which I drew up at the start of this period of underemployment. This means that only the less attractive and more boring or unpleasant jobs are left (although at least the oven is still clean). I gave blood and didn't faint, finally installed wall lights in my room that I must have bought about a year ago, and have even started the process of clearing the jungle of weeds that used to be an area of paving outside. I will have to think of some bigger projects if I don't find a full time dietetic job soon.

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