Monday, 15 August 2011

Down south

Artichoke flower with a bee just landing
Not much to say except that my trip to London and The South was very enjoyable. By the end of Thursday I had reached saturation point with the badminton, something I didn't think was possible, so it was lucky that I hadn't bought any more tickets. Although it was a shame in some ways that I wasn't there, because an unseeded British pair actually made it into the finals. China won all five events in the end: men's and women's singles and doubles plus mixed doubles.

Chicken on the moveAfter contributing no correct answers at all in the pub quiz on Thursday with Mr M, I went on to mum and dad's on Friday, and emptied their loft in anticipation of a visit from the insulation installers. Then on to friends in Surrey, where I concerned myself with chickens, Wisley RHS gardens (lots of good pictures from there), and the London Surrey Cycle Classic.

Bright orange lily against a fresh green backgroundThis last was the test event for the 2012 Olympics in a year's time, and my hosts are keen cyclists. I have to report that in comparison to badminton, this Olympic sport is not very exciting for the onlookers. After we'd stood waiting on the side of the course for half an hour, the hundreds of riders came and went in less than 30 seconds - the motorcycle outriders ahead and behind the pack were much more interesting, and the AA rescue van got just as big a cheer. In fact, the biggest cheer was for a gent in red T-shirt and saggy grey shorts who cycled by just after the cars, bikes, vans and motorcycles had all gone through, with a newspaper on his back rack.

So off we went for a cup of tea, and then I went back to Lola II's to pick up my coat and top up on Japanese food before coming home again. Mr A was pleased to see me, and I'll be doing some badminton playing of my own tonight, after a whole week off. I hope some of the talent of the last week has rubbed off on me.

Pink flower, could be a dahlia or a crysanthamum

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