Thursday, 23 June 2011


Celebration lunch
There have been many small achievements and enjoyable aspects of this round of unemployment. Nothing that makes particularly interesting reading, though. I have an enormous list of things that need sorting out around the house - tax return, cleaning the oven, pruning and weeding, scanning old photos - but I don't propose to tell you how I get on with those.

We held a family gathering which included a celebration of three birthdays altogether, and comprised a welcome visit from H&B from the north and the rest of my immediate family from the south. The weather was too unpredictable to sit outside, but we all squeezed in around the table for lunch, some of us went out for a walk around the Peace Festival, came back for tea and birthday cake, and I enjoyed it a great deal.

Lola II and Mr M stayed on afterwards, and helped me try on a huge bagful of hand-me-down clothes from one of Lola II's friends (I'm not proud). Surprisingly, most were too big, although there was a beautiful dress that does fit. Maybe I'll wear a dress again one day. I have shortened one pair of trousers so far - while the friend is nearly the same circumference as me, she is 10 cm longer.

I have put in a further two job applications, making five in all (with just the one interview so far). I've also been in touch with my tutors to follow up on the research idea, but that will be slow to develop. Nothing else going on in the work department.

There's been badminton of course, and I pootled over to see a friend who is in town for the week, training with his new guide dog. I couldn't whisk him away for a night on the town because he has to stay in the hotel with the dog, but we had a chat and a drink in the hotel bar.

This type of mundane diarising is tedious. I'm not that interested in writing it, and don't believe it's all that much fun to read. I have some ideas for future posts, so unless something happens that includes dietetics, the next few weeks may diverge from the usual routine.


Jan said...

I think what will be interesting is your search for employment. There is much in the press, and today on Woman's Hour, about the new retirement age for women from 2020, and how hard it is for women to find jobs let alone work until they are 65-66. Age discrimination is illegal, but it is an issue, more so for women, who have had a career break. I hope you will post about you experiences. Although with a 'first' they shuld snap you up!

Jan said...

Apologies for spelling 'your' & should!

A Heron's View said...

I always find it strange that the definition of being unemployed is taken as being without an income.

Whereas actually one can be fully employed doing
unpaid work ? :)

aims said...

I now have my own 'chronic care team' brought about by having hypertention. My doctor told me to get a living will and make sure I had a power of attorney and executor set up.

I met part of my team yesterday for an hour where they started to fill in info on my chart.

I met the pharmacist and nurse. I'm thinking that next time I meet the dietitian. I immediately thought of you!

I chatted with the two from yesterday and they both love their jobs. This is all they do.

The program was drawn up and presented to the government in charge of such matters. Once it received approval it also received funding.

A brilliant idea I think and not one well known at all!