Thursday, 9 June 2011

Life goes on

Landscape in the distance framed by branches and foliage
It is just a week since my final exam, and I am already becoming anxious about earning a living. I thought I would enjoy the freedom for a while, but no, I am a natural pessimist. The main NHS jobs list is throwing up no more than one or two suitable jobs a week, which may be short term or temporary, and anywhere in the country. I have three current applications waiting to see if I get any interviews.

I have some other options, although whether they will make any money is doubtful, especially in the short term. The university has been supportive of the idea that my project on visual impairment and food choices is an interesting area that has wider research possibilities, so I have been talking to various helpful people about what we might do about that.

I haven't yet started on cleaning the house, but this must happen soon as we will have visitors in ten days' time. The garden could do with some attention, too, because Mr A is now revising hard for his two exams. He has settled on a new schedule, whereby he gets up at 7 a.m., has breakfast, works until 4 p.m. and then goes for a ride on his bicycle for an hour or so.

My routine consists of getting up and then thinking about all the things I might do in the day. Then I check my email and blog reader, and after that, anything could happen. In the last few days I've had to deliver my coursework and placement portfolios to the university, played badminton, had a very brief interview in the local Jobcentre, travelled to Herefordshire and back, and been into Birmingham where I met various people, bought some badminton shorts, watched an excellent film (Senna) and attended a talk in a pub.

Herefordshire is where my favourite Bee Lady and Landrover Man now live, with enough land to house the bees on site rather than in a local farmer's field, and many foresty walks nearby. We went on a long foresty walk when I took the pictures on this post, and I preached on many diet-related topics before scoffing my body weight in delicious food, pocketing a digital TV box and waddling off back home. It was lovely, and this short description does not do justice to their hospitality. Given that he is a regular and loyal reader, Landrover Man is also welcome to put forward an alternative pseudonym for himself!

Dovecote among foliage


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Mr A says:

I get up at 6am, not 7am as it is scurrilously portrayed.

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