Thursday, 2 June 2011

Final exam

Ferns and palms below a vaulted roof
Shall I talk you through the end of my student life? Actually, not quite the end, but as I drove onto the campus at 7.30 a.m. on the day of the final exam, I thought it might be my last visit. Then I met one of my fellow students, who reminded me that we have to submit our coursework portfolios and I hadn't brought mine. So I'll have to make the trip at least two more times: once to deliver it, and once more to pick it up again and/or attend a viva. I haven't signed up for the graduation ceremony.

The night before the exam I had the worst night that I can remember, with about 3 hours uninterrupted sleep followed by about 3 hours dozing and wishing it were morning. On campus very early, because with a 9 a.m. exam I have to leave at least an extra hour in case of trouble on the motorway - missing the start of a lecture isn't usually a problem; missing the start of an exam is unthinkable.

I was pretty tired, and at about 10.30 a.m., halfway through the exam, I had to mentally pull myself together and carry on to the bitter end. It wasn't a bad paper, although even at three hours they give you so much to write that there's never enough time. One lecturer pleaded with us to try and write clearly - after three hours writing non-stop my hand is so cramped that clear handwriting is the last thing on my mind.

Lunch with a friend, a meeting with my tutor about possibilities for research in future, then I drove home on nothing but adrenaline and went to bed. Since then, I have been smiling, and the best part: walking about aimlessly. I went into town, and to Warwick, walked about in the sunshine and just enjoyed the fact that there's nothing I HAVE to be doing, although of course there's lots I could be doing, and quite a bit that I should be doing.

Today among other delightful prospects, I will be treating myself to a trip to my favourite greengrocer. Last time I was there, the manager told me all about his staffing problems since he'd taken over a second shop, and the plans he had for refitting the shop, and the trouble with the tills, and his plans for a day off to go to Bournemouth. Then he gave me a hug. I wonder if all his regular customers get this treatment?


A Heron's View said...

Congratulations on completing the course & that of coping with the stress of taking the exam. I think all in all you received a well deserved hug !

Anonymous said...

Well done! Hope all went well.

You must go to graduation!!! It's your chance to strut your stuff in your robes and to take the applause of your nearest and dearest and the staff who taught you. Celebrate what you've achieved!

Lola said...

@AHV: I'm not much of a hugger!

@Anon: I've done graduation once before, and my nearest and dearest show their appreciation in many ways, all the time. As for the staff - I should be applauding them!

Mr A and I had a small scale celebration last night when we went out for a meal. It was lovely.

Anonymous said...

Lola, I'm sure that the staff are very proud of you and would like to see you at the event.

Anonymous said...

We have been following your blogs faithfully for the last four years. We were kept informed regularly of your studies and life, we learnt of the material that you studied, and we had summaries and comments on the books that you had read.
Few parents are as fortunate in following their daughter's progress - and without the need to nag and to question. So we feel that we are very lucky.
The excellent results of your studies are an added bonus,
We are confident that you will continue in your satisfying career despite the current unemployment.

With all our love, gratitude and best wishes to you and to Mr. A.

mum and dad

Anonymous said...

You will be one of the top students probably.

Macy said...

Read your cry from the heart over on Belgian Waffle.
I'll be watching out for you getting a great new job despite Lansley.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being done!

I absolutely love that feeling after final exams when you don't have to do anything anymore and you can finally get back to things you want to do instead.