Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Markets, and I am a winner (again)

Big bowl of soup
Sunday's fun was promised, so Sunday's fun is what you shall have. We decided to reward ourselves for Saturday's toil by going out somewhere, and settled on Spitalfields and the Columbia Road markets. I suggested that we set off quite early, and then felt quite guilty about that, because as proper employed working people Lola II and Mr M don't get many opportunities to sleep late.

Two types of little spiky plantsWe took a detour to Petticoat Lane, which is a haven for clothes, luggage and the usual tat of an outdoor market. Spitalfields itself is a more upmarket place than I expected - I think I was imagining an indoor Petticoat Lane, but here were beautiful things with prices to match. Lunch was at Wagamama, because we were a bit too cold to enjoy street food, although if I'd seen Brick Lane market beforehand then I might have changed my mind. It would have taken forever, though, because I would have had to examine every stall before making a choice, and there were a lot of stalls. Lola II and I both had pork dumpling soup and shared a portion of noodles. Yum. Mr M had a rice dish that he wasn't that keen on.

Columbia Road market sells plants and flowers, and at this time of year, a lot of Christmas trees too. It was nearing the end of opening hours, and traders were knocking their prices down, and it was quite narrow and there were a lot of people. Mr M bought hyacinth bulbs and Lola II bought a cactus and I bought the same type of cactus and gave it to mum when I visited later in the day. Mum's very good at raising cactuses, and then giving them to me when they are about to flower. I get all the colourful display, and then they die, I don't know why. I also adjusted the security light and had a cup of tea and a square of tiramisu before borrowing a book for the tube journey back to Lola II, because I'd forgotten to bring one and it's too noisy underground to listen to podcasts.

Coming back home on Monday morning, I settled down to carry on writing up my research project. I am glad to report that of course, I will finish it in time to send a draft to my supervisor on Thursday. That won't stop me from worrying, and complaining about having to spend so much time on it.

Anyway, Monday night is badminton night, and the club staged its annual tournament. You may remember that last year, with my partner S, we won! This time things started looking up when we were freakily drawn as partners again. And we won again! The little trophy has returned to its spot on the trophy shelf, and we are better off by another bottle of wine. I think next year the draw will have to be done differently so we don't end up as partners again, just to give someone else a chance.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the tournament!

I love shopping at markets. Here in Rotterdam we have one huge central market. It's so large they sell everything from produce to furniture, fabrics, plants, bags and jewellery and it's there twice a week. They're expanding it now so in the future there's going to be a market 6 days per week... can't wait!

- Marjolein