Thursday, 24 December 2009

I am a Winner

Medal, trophy and sparkly wine bagI have started my revision, but must take a short break to report on various mundane events that have been taking place.

I have won the White Lions badminton tournament (with my excellent partner of course). I was lucky to get a good pairing in the random draw, but I feel good nevertheless. They made us stand on one of the PE benches to receive our medals and trophies, and the sparkly bag contained a bottle of wine. I really like this club...

In other news, I have been alternately revising and finding displacement activities to put off revising. It is really cold, so sitting still at the desk requires four or five layers of clothing including thermals, even though the heating is working quite well. At some point I need to go out to the Post Office, but while I can justify making another cup of tea to put off revising, I really need to find a way to concentrate and stay put at my desk.

I only have two subjects to revise (plus some coursework that doesn't need to be done until February). The trouble is that I don't find Health Promotion particularly interesting or easy to revise. We get extra credit for putting in references, but it feels a bit like History at school - do they want me to remember dates? I can't tell what's important, and might end up writing a lot of irrelevant stuff. There's still time to get it sorted out, but it doesn't make revising easy - not that revising is easy, but I'm more comfortable drawing diagrams of metabolic pathways than describing theoretical models of health behaviour change or World Health Organisation charters.

Oh yes, and it's Christmas soon, and I'm in charge of dinner this year. Mr A has done the last two years based on the need for me to revise for loads of exams, but having only two exams means that I feel able to volunteer this time. We even have a plan for New Year, because the Cricketers is putting on a splendid party including music, games, a quiz, and after midnight we all Conga down to the local dance venue where we have a VIP area to carry on the party.

Must get back to revision now.

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aims said...

Congrats on the win! You must be quite the opponent!

Merry Christmas Lola. I hope you enjoy yourself and enjoy the cooking as well!

Luckily for me The Man always does the cooking. He's far better at it than I am so I hand him the apron without any regrets whatsoever. Well - there is the dishes to do afterward but it is worth it.