Sunday, 20 December 2009

Story of a few days' holiday

Prawns in curry sauce with rice and a big bowl of soup
Lola II's computer is slow slow slow. I am at Lola II's flat while she is out at work, because I am a student, and we students have holidays in between frenzied episodes of coursework deadlines and exams.

I just asked Lola II's computer to do more than one thing at a time. It didn't like it much, but had a vague stab at it, and played with an hourglass for a while until I got bored and told it to stop. I want to watch the iplayer version of the Dr Who episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks that I missed on Wednesday, but I think I will have to feed the computer special champagne-and-chocolate-flavoured electricity if I want it to oblige on that score.

So Lola II is moving house in January, and this is a good thing. I'm not supposed to write about it until it has happened because I will jinx the whole affair, but I'm not scared, and her computer being slow makes me want to throw it away and get her a new one in the new house. While she is at work today I am supposed to check out cheaper telephone and Internet packages, but instead I am going to go into town to have lunch. Lola II has only half a pack of dates and some olives in her fridge - she clearly keeps body and soul together with nothing but canap├ęs.

It is later now, and the computer is much faster. This is suspicious - perhaps it is only slow at particular times, when Lola II is at home, and either the computer or the broadband connection is picking on her? Either way, they need to be disciplined in some electronic fashion, and replaced completely in the new house.

While I was out in town I obviously had Japanese food for lunch, and then attempted to buy clothing which I may have to take back tomorrow if it doesn't get the thumbs up from Lola II. I completely forgot about the particular present for Mr A that I might find in a department store until I looked at my list on the way home. I really don't like shopping very much.

It is now tomorrow, and I did manage to watch the Dr Who Buzzcocks episode without incident, and then a DVD of A Room With A View with Helena Bonham Carter looking about 15 years old. Today the computer is moderately fast, but at least I didn't have to watch it struggle into life because Lola II turned it on before I was awake.

During the night I dreamed that I had three assignments to do and only three days, and my tutors commented that it wasn't like me to leave it so late, and I realised that it simply wasn't going to be possible to finish the work, and then I woke up and had to spend some time concentrating on the fact that it wasn't real. I need to do some revision soon, just so I know I will be ready for the exams.

I have just phoned home to see what Mr A has been up to. He has been to a gig! Without me! He went with Smurf and some other locals to see The Stranglers, and by all accounts had a great time. I shall have to think twice about leaving him on his own in future, since the idea is that he misses me terribly and is glad to see me again when I come back.

The clothing was deemed acceptable by Lola II and does not have to be returned, and I am very proud of having found it and bought it myself. Charity shops in the Leamington Spa region will benefit to the tune of four old unflattering sweatshirts, displaced in favour of my two fancy new jumpers on a two-for-one basis as previously agreed.

Lola II and I spent the day doing some of the more difficult things involved in moving house: for example, trying to understand how to dismantle and re-assemble telecommunications systems providing telephone and broadband access to domestic properties. It's not easy at all. Because of all that hard work, it was important that we scheduled some less stressful activity as well. So we went out for Japanese food and watched two films.

The end of my holiday was spent setting up dad as an ebay tycoon. I have written before about his stamp and coin collection, and the latest idea is to try and sell some of the material through ebay. There is little demand, and most of the material on ebay that we looked at ended up unsold, but it costs nothing but time and effort to have a go.

I'm back home now, and revision should start very soon - I did read half a book on Health Promotion on the train, but blogging must obviously come first. Mr A is pleased to see me, despite having had such a good time without me. We are going to the pub later, where I will give Smurf a good ticking off for leading my husband astray while I am out of town. He will ignore me, we will have a nice beer and then come home and perhaps watch Frost/Nixon.

I will start revising properly tomorrow. Definitely.

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