Monday, 6 December 2010

Dinner party

Meringue roulade with berry fruits
Doesn't time just fly by? I've been trying to churn out something interesting every three days, but my life doesn't have that many thrills, and now that the time for another post has come round again I'm a bit short of material.

Over the past week or two I've been working, occasionally punctuated by badminton, going to the vegetable shop, and last night, a dinner party. It's only the second dinner party we've hosted in this house, and went much better than the first. I was less ambitious with the food, and didn't over-cater too much at all (we've only got soup and some vegetables left). The company was loquacious and congenial, although there was a little bit too much talk of internal combustion engines of various sorts. It turned out that one of the party once sold a precious classic car to the father of another. It's a small world, except that a self-selected group of friends is likely to have something in common - in this case, cars and bikes.
Hot and sour soup
We invited one couple to stay overnight. Our spare bed is in my 'office', and I made the mistake of leaving my computer in there. Given that I was the first to go to bed, at 2 a.m. it is perhaps unsurprising that they have not yet emerged, it is 9.30 a.m. and I have been up for some time and am getting twitchy about losing a morning's work, with deadlines looming.


Anonymous said...

We're hosting a sort of dinner party Friday. I'm wondering whether I should try out a new dish or stick to what I know.

I have the same issue with the computer being in the guest room! I think it'll be more of an issue once I start working from home again - for now it's still fine.

Lola said...

Welcome back to blogworld! I've just had a look at your new space, and I'm looking forward to reading more. As for the dinner party - stick with a dish you've done before, every time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice!