Friday, 7 May 2010

Prizes and presents

My new lunch box
Thursday turned out to be a lovely day, despite a coursework test in the afternoon - the one that required us to know the energy, protein and carbohydrate content of various foods. That went OK, but it's only a tiny 5% of the module mark. You may find it interesting to know that a medium portion of boiled potatoes (150 g) and a standard bowl of cornflakes (30 g) have the same energy content (115 calories), carbohydrate (30 g) and protein (2 g). Or, more likely, you may not.

Apart from the test, some very nice things happened on Thursday, two of them as a direct result of blogging.

- My essay about whether UK flour should be fortified with folic acid was returned. When I started researching before writing it, I did some preliminary reading around the subject and came to the conclusion that it shouldn't. Then I read the textbook written by the lecturer, who was also the person marking the coursework, and discovered that his view was that it should. I went ahead anyway, and got a First class mark despite our disagreement. So that was very nice, and some of the marker's comments made me smile too.

- My Bento box arrived in the post. This was utter self-indulgence on my part, prompted by a blog that I read regularly about Bento lunches and Japanese food in general. I am very keen on packed lunches, mainly because buying lunch costs so much more and because making my own means I can limit quantity and make it relatively healthy. I have been trying hard to include less food for lunch, as part of the insane effort to make sure I don't have to buy any new, larger clothes for my placement over the summer. This box is beautiful to look at, the right shape (narrow and tall - wide flat lunchboxes end up on their side in my bag) and holds no more food than I should be eating for lunch. It was shipped from Japan and took less than a week to arrive. I absolutely LOVE it already.

- Most delightfully and unexpectedly, I won a cookbook! Another highly food-focused blog that I read regularly is written by English Mum, who is a proper Blogger rather than a rank amateur like me. She is often given promotional goods and is taken on trips simply by being rather a good writer. She had a cookbook to give away, and all I did to win it was to let on that I used to like eating icing sandwiches. If only all of my slightly offbeat food preferences netted me prizes (raw pastry anyone?)

- You may recall that Mr A is doing various computing and maths Open University modules, working towards a degree in Computing. He is mostly doing Level 1 modules, but the marks for the last assignment came back, and he got 98%! He's pretty cross about those 2 marks...

- We went for a short walk to the polling station and exercised our democratic right to vote. There were no queues, although unlike previous elections there were more people than just us in the place. Later we watched the first episode of House, a series recommended by several people that should tide us over until we buy more series of The Wire.

It was a very good day.

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aims said...

It sounds like a great day indeed! That lunch box looks really neat!
As for the cookbook - it would have to go to The Man here. I just have no interest in cooking these days. I'd just rather be doing something else.

And congrats on the good marks on that essay. It's very tricky going against the prof.

It used to be - just puke up all the stuff they said and smear it on paper and you'd get your A. :0)