Saturday, 22 May 2010

And another two out of the way

View of the weir from Jephson Gardens
Once they've started, the exams seem to pass quite quickly. It's the build up that is so agonisingly slow, and revision truly is one of the most boring activities I can think of, even when the subject is interesting.

Molecular Nutrition on Thursday was the last of the three-hour marathons, and the questions were pretty much as expected so I probably did OK. On the previous evening I thought I'd tot up the marks I'd already achieved in the coursework, and realised that I didn't need to get a whole lot of marks from the exam, so that took the pressure off.

Friday's wasn't going to be quite that easy, but I was very pleased with my time management. Only two hours for three questions meant very tight timing of the subsections - elements that were worth 10 marks only got three minutes, and I stuck to it. One thing that seemed a little unfair was that one of the questions was about Coeliac Disease, which I'd obviously done a lot of research about for my 'lesson' in a different module. People who had chosen other subjects for their lesson didn't feel the benefit so much. I'm not about to complain, though.

This weekend is all about 'Nutrition in the Community', which is an awfully vague subject for the exam on Monday. There seems to be a lot about interprofessional working with social services and primary care teams, together with home tube feeding and infant feeding. We went through a past paper in one of our last teaching sessions and it all seemed pretty much to be common sense, but I still don't like essay questions along the lines of "What is the role of the Dietitian in the multi-disciplinary team?"

The weather has been astonishingly hot. I'm having a day off after the exam on Monday, and if revision goes well I might have either next Saturday or Sunday off as well. I bet it rains.

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Brett said...

well earned rest i say.