Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Day off

View in the Jephson Gardens
Fourth exam done now, only one more to go, and I have a whole week to prepare. I had my planned day off yesterday. As predicted, the sunshine was sadly lacking. I did manage to spend most of last weekend revising outside under the wisteria, so I did catch some of the glorious weather.

The exam on Monday went quite well on the whole. I have a policy of trying to avoid talking about exams just finished with any other students - it NEVER helps. All that happens is that someone else mentions something that you realise you should have included but didn't, and it's too late to change anything so what's the point? This time I just happened to overhear someone else talking, and realised that in the question about Social Services I had completely forgotten to write about Social Workers.

Anyway, with just Pharmacology to revise for I was looking forward to a wonderful lazy day off in the sunshine (even though my plans included cleaning the toilet and the inside of the car). My enormous lie-in yesterday morning (after sauna-style badminton on Monday night) was interrupted by a removals lorry roaring and beeping to and fro directly outside the bedroom window - it was 9 o'clock, so I can't really complain.

I had a good day wandering about doing various odd jobs, making salads, filing away all the university paperwork in relation to the completed university modules, and not cleaning the toilet or the car. We watched a foodie DVD in the evening - Julie and Julia - and it was unexpectedly wonderful. So a good day overall, not a great deal achieved except tidiness and good food, and back to work today.

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