Thursday, 2 October 2008


On Wednesday I was exhausted. Three early starts in a row with more to come, badminton on Monday night, plus the return of my bad leg (caused by a bad back) had wiped me out. So I went to bed in the afternoon and slept for two hours, and when I got up I felt like a different person. It was amazing.

The Food Commodities module started on Tuesday, and was very interesting - we covered a little bit about milk and cereals. This is one of the two optional modules I'm trying out - the alternative GMO one is Friday morning. The trouble is that the first Friday afternoon session doesn't happen until next week - I would love to have the day off, but that would mean skipping the GMO session and committing to Food Commodities. I'll see how I feel later on.

The first lecture about Psychology, Sociology and Nutrition was also interesting, although we did very little except meet the lecturer and consider the question "Why do we eat what we eat?" Then on Wednesday morning we started the next lot of Biochemistry, which looks like it will be as technical as the previous year's course, but no practicals. In fact, it looks like there will be only two practical sessions this semester, which suits me fine.

Today was the start of the Immunology module, unfortunately taught by one of the worst lecturers. He did a couple of lectures in the Biochemistry module last semester, and although I followed his train of thought in the lectures, it proved impossible to revise from my notes and his handouts. Luckily he only teaches four out of nine weeks of Immunology, of which one was today and was a very broad overview.

Having been introduced to five of the six modules for this semester, it looks as though it's going to be pretty demanding. Many students in the year above have told us it's much harder in the second year than the first, and a couple of the lecturers have said so too. I need to find a routine that gets me working during weekdays, rather than in evenings and at weekends. And I need to make sure I don't have to take a nap in the afternoons!


Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm not exactly sure where you are except that Portsmouth is Down South! But I'm attracted to your very British photography. I'm a 'Pom' in Australia and I still suffer a tiny bit of homesickness. If ever I see 'Made in England' (as opposed to China!) on anything I feel very smug.

Brett said...

Some of the greatest leaders of our times took naps in the afternoon, Churchill for one, in fact at one point he had two sets of staff, one before the nap and one after as he often worked late into the night.

Lola said...

Hello Rinkly - thanks for dropping by AND leaving a comment! I'm not in Portsmouth - that was a trip we made a couple of weeks ago. Leamington Spa is in the Midlands, not too far from Coventry, a bit further from Birmingham.

Hi Brett - Churchill, eh? Not a classic role model for me, but I do wish our work routine allowed for a siesta.