Friday, 24 October 2008

Search terms

I love that I can see the search terms that have been used to reach my website. Obviously, 99.9% of them were looking for something else, but I get some entertainment from it anyway. And now, so will you. If you find it entertaining, that is.

The most common hits, used seven times, are:
  • digestion facts, and
  • sushiya leamington
closely followed (with three) by:
  • facts about digestion.
None of these is particularly fun or unusual, in fact I'd say my blog wasn't a bad place to go for the answers to these queries. Some of the others are more traditionally entertaining. Obviously, food and biology feature quite a bit:
  • kilojoules in porridge (I'll look it up)
  • food labeling in hospital food service (interesting question, there wasn't any that I saw)
  • porridge every meal (not a great idea, but breakfast - yes)
  • hospital food as treatment (it should be classed as such)
  • why doesnt trypsin digest the intestine (because trypsin is synthesised and secreted in an inactive form (trypsinogen) and is only activated when in the intestinal lumen, plus the intestinal epithelial tissue is protected to a certain extent by mucus. But actually - it does digest the intestine a bit, the gut wall is sloughed off at a huge rate and must regenerate itself on a daily basis)

Some random ones:

  • diagonal board welchman (that was the trip to Bletchley Park)
  • chubb lock stuck (fixed by the wonderful Dennis)
  • dennis the locksmith canada (oh no, he can't have emigrated already)
  • lab coat rotherham (don't remind me)
  • i love my dentist (well I don't, even though he is a very nice man)
  • leam on me (must be a typo, but quite a nice one)
  • fancy that background history (indeed)
  • turning point in my life mark twain reading (he's good, but not that good)
  • i love leamington (so do I)
  • science news monkeys 10-07-08 (my favourite of this batch, I wonder what the news was?)

There are several people looking for various members of the Lola family:

  • lola winchester
  • lola 13 yo
  • marcus de lola
  • lola certificate
  • lola snowboards
  • lola easy living

and my personal favourite

  • tommy lee lola

And lastly, one solitary searcher using the term

  • lola life.
Just a little snippet to end with, which the distinguished government body the Food and Standards Agency notified me about. Some food can be dangerous. I shall be much more careful with my selection of supplier for any chocolate flavoured nipple spread I might be needing in future.

I hope that 'chocolate flavoured nipple spread' turns up in my search terms before too long...


travelling, but not in love said...

Chocolate flavoured nipple spread? That usually sends them to mine, Lola!

I'll be glad if you take those visitors off my hands though§

aims said...

You and TBNIL! Really!

Weird searches I have to agree!